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  • Bosha — may refer to:* The Kingdom of Garo * Bosha (Roma), an ethnic group in east Anatolia and Armenia …   Wikipedia

  • Bosha (Roma) — Bosha (sometimes spelled Posha) also called the Lom people, are a Romani ethnic group who live in Eastern Anatolia and the southern Caucasus mountains. The Lom are sometimes considered a separate branch of the proto Romani people who remained in… …   Wikipedia

  • List of rulers of Bosha — or Garo = The territory of Bosha is located in present day Ethiopia.Source: Werner J. Lange, History of the Southern Gonga (Southwestern Ethiopia) (Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner, 1982), p. 64. See also *Monarchies of Ethiopia *Rulers of Ethiopia… …   Wikipedia

  • Roma in Armenia — The Roma people (or Gypsies ) of the modern Republic of Armenia are one of the many minorities living within the country. Overview While only making up a tiny fraction of the nation today, the Rom have a long history in Armenia and the… …   Wikipedia

  • Liste der Herrscher des Königreichs Garo — Dies ist eine Liste der Herrscher des Königreichs Garo, beziehungsweise Bosha, in Äthiopien. Tato ist ein Herrschertitel der Tegra i Bushasho Dynastie. Amtszeit Name Anmerkungen 1567 1600 Ambiraj, Tato auch bekannt unter dem Namen Bosha und… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Monarchies of Ethiopia — This is a list of Monarchies that existed throughout the history of Ethiopia. This list is divided into kingdoms that were subdivisions of Ethiopia, and kingdoms that were later conquered by Ethiopia. Ancient kingdoms fall into neither category.… …   Wikipedia

  • Kingdom of Garo — The Kingdom of Garo (also known as Bosha, after the name of its ruling dynasty) was a kingdom of the Sidama people on the periphery of the Gibe region of Ethiopia. The kingdom of Garo had definite borders to the north with Janjero, on the east… …   Wikipedia

  • Political history of Eastern Africa — This is the political history of the states of Eastern Africa.Ancient and Medieval history*25th century BC: Earliest recorded Egyptian expedition to the Land of Punt in the Horn of Africa organized by Pharaoh Sahure of the Fifth Dynasty. *c. 800… …   Wikipedia

  • Roma people by country — This is a table of Roma people by country. Note that some countries with a Roma population are not included, where reliable sources could not be found, also many of the sources are outdated and/or supply only partial information only about a part …   Wikipedia

  • Königreich Garo — Das Königreich Garo (auch unter dem Namen seines Königshauses, Bosha bekannt) war ein Königreich der Sidama am Rand der Region Gibe in Äthiopien. Garo besaß klar umrissene Grenzen: im Norden durch Janjero, im Osten durch den Omo Fluss sowie im… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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